Sawasdee krup สวัสดีครับ 

 my name is Warren……I met my teacher Nancy one year ago when i started learning Thai from her as my girlfriend is Thai

I was having trouble in communicating with her and on a very lucky day

I visited Gumtree website and found Nancy’s ad. Since then I have been learning to speak, read and even write the language. 

Thank you Nancy for your amazing teaching material, practeice sessions and easy techniques that helped me out.

I would recommend Nancy to everyone in NZ who want to learn Thai, she is the best!!!!!!!! 



A Couple of months ago I started learning Thai Language with Nancy.

I couldn’t imagine that I could say and read some Thai words, but time passed and the magic happened!!!!!!!!!

 I’ve started reading,writting and a little bit speaking in Thai . 

Thank you very much Nancy… 



Studying the Thai language is a fascinating challenge. It’s reckoned to be one of the most difficult languages

for an English-speaker to learn. Its because the language is tonal, and English speakers aren’t used to listening

for subtle tonal differences in the pronunciation of the same word. e.g. Mai, mai, mai,mai and mai sound the same,

but with different tones mean something entirely different.

But dispite the difficulties, one must not under-estimate the sheer fun of learning Thai.

All the Thai teachers I have had (and I have had a few!) have been fun to learn with, and have given me such an enjoyable experience.

This is in contrast to learning other languages, where I have felt the experience was rather dry by comparison.

Of course, the main thing for farang in learning Thai is the greater appreciation you gain of the culture.

The language, so often, is the key to understanding another culture, and you break-open many myths and mysteries of the culture by understanding the language.

It also helps in those desperate situations when you say “char – un Sanit Wong” instead of “char -rune Sanit Wong”

(a well-known street in Bangkok) and get blank expressions from the poor taxi driver who is faced with yet another (for him) incomprehensible farang customer!

I find it strange that so many men with a Thai wife or girlfriend, do not bother to get passed the basic “Sawatdee krup!” (greeting) and minor phrases.

I know English is a universal language, and one we must treasure, but it really isn’t that hard to learn a little Thai.

Besides which its such fun there really is no excuse.  Make a study plan today and make it your goal! You wont regret it!

Gareth(one of Nancy’s students)